Alen Roguljić Alen Roguljić
Ineor d.o.o.

Pravilna izbira tehnologij, načina razvoja in nenazadnje tudi delovnega procesa omogoča točno in učinkovito doseganje zastavljenih ciljev razvoja in preprečuje časovna in finančna odstopanja od zadanih načrtov. Hkrati zmanjšuje tudi arhitekturne, tehnološke in licenčne soodvisnosti.

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Gregor Petrin Kraškovic Gregor Petrin Kraškovic
Razum d.o.o.

Ali prehitro posegamo po orodjih, ki nam skrijejo bazo podatkov? ORM orodja za nas v ozadju velikokrat izvajajo "magijo", katere smo včasih sicer veseli, a ta magija nam zna tudi kaj hitro pokazati svojo temno stran.

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Mads Opheim and Rustam Mehmandarov Mads Opheim and Rustam Mehmandarov

We are going to show you what happens when the management lets enterprise Java developers and architects decide how we can control the IoT devices in our new office. While it's easy to figure out why Microprofile is cool, it's harder to see how to get in your project.

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Tadej Justin Tadej Justin
Medius d.o.o.

Visokotehnološka podjetja dandanes s pridom uporabljajo jezikovne tehnologije v produkcijskih poslovnih okoljih. Jezikovne tehnologije so vgrajene v aplikacije, ki omogočajo obdelavo velike količine podatkov.

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Marek Kratky Marek Kratky
Oracle Czech Republic

Java is one of the main tools for creating enterprise applications, thanks to a series of standards and specifications whose implementations have allowed us to manage crucial aspects such as transactions, security, scalability, concurrency, and management of components.

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Vedran Pavić Vedran Pavić

Spring Boot and Docker have been with us for over 5 years now - and with both becoming immensely popular in their respective domains, they are not only considered the future, but also the present.

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Ivan Delić Ivan Delić
Oracle Croatia

We will explore the highlight from Oracle - GraalVM. GraalVM enables the warp speed for microservices and we will demo it.

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Frank Lyaruu Frank Lyaruu

We’ve been using JDBC to access our SQL databases for decades, but JDBC is a blocking API. Blocking API’s can be problematic at times, and after years of promises, a ‘nonblocking JDBC’ is on the horizon.

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David Delabasse David Delabasse
Oracle Corporation

JVMs and containers are like fries and ketchup: better together! The JVM is a robust and mature platform that hosts Java and a myriad of other languages. Using container technologies is now the de facto way to deploy applications.

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Kostis Kapelonis Kostis Kapelonis

In this presentation, we will see a list of common pitfalls when it comes to software testing.

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