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Damir Opsenica

5G Hype

Damir Opsenica
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We are entering the communication post digital time frame where efficiency, adventurous, automation and simplifications are playing one of the key roles in the customer vendor experience. 5G is trying to be true real digital disruption promising:

  • 1000 times higher mobile data volume per geographical area.
  • 10 to 100 times more connected devices.
  • 10 times to 100 times higher typical user data rate.
  • 10 times lower energy consumption.
  • End-to-End latency of < 1ms.
  • reduction of the network management opex by at least 20% compared to today

Bringing 5g in to context of post digital time frame I'll try to answer:

  • What's the need for 5G and who is planning to benefit from 5G,
  • What it needs to succeed and why existing experience could bring 5g to total failure.
  • Why we should prepare for 6G

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Accountable, reliable, confident, with combined 14 years in technology include diverse backgrounds spanning RnD, solution architect, sales, consulting, business development, delivery and operations and leading people.

Result orientated and passionate around achieving success, being stretched out of my comfort zone with challenging business environments and opportunities for professional development. Entrepreneurial leadership, culturally sensitive and have a demonstrated ability to create, develop, empower, and lead diverse global and virtual teams. As a team player I tend to focus on strengths, motivate and empower people to prepare for the future and encourage them to shine rather than looking for the light myself.

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