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Predavanja so razvrščena po abecednem vrstnem redu naslova predavanj.

Marcin Przepiorowski Marcin Przepiorowski

Our daily life bringing us a lot of challenges in both personal and professional aspects. Fast-changing technology and more pressure from business bring a lot of pressure to IT which have to deliver a project on time. It will is only possible if IT shops start using automation in every phase of work.

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Matej Železnik Matej Železnik
Parsek d.o.o.

V modernih rešitvah "single points of failure" ne pridejo v poštev, zato je potrebno na vseh nivojih rešitve poskrbeti za redundanco. Če je to pri aplikacijskih strežnikih mogoče nekoliko bolj preprosto, pa se na nivoju podatkovne baze ponavadi pojavijo težave.

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Patrick Jolliffe Patrick Jolliffe
Li & Fung Trading Ltd

This session will try to convince you of the advantages of using Windows to authenticate your MySQL users.

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Nelson Calero Nelson Calero
The Pythian Group

Nowadays databases require to use secure connections to communicate with clients, from application users through listener services, internal features (Apex, OEM), to consuming external services from the database (eg.: sending emails from PL/SQL).

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Maxim Sobolevskiy Maxim Sobolevskiy

For over 15 years JetBrains have strived to make effective developer tools. IntelliJ IDEA for java is the most popular of them. IntelliJ supports databases as well, and finally, we in JetBrains decided to bring this functionality and our experience in programming languages to the world of SQL. That’s how DataGrip appeared.

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