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Predavanja so razvrščena po abecednem vrstnem redu naslova predavanj.

Heli Helskyaho Heli Helskyaho
Miracle Finland Oy

SQL and PL/SQL are very powerful languages for machine learning but the visualization capabilities are limited. In this presentation we will see how APEX can be used as a visualization interface for in-database machine learning.

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Niall Mc Phillips Niall Mc Phillips
Long Acre sàrl

Part of the Oracle database since Oracle8, Oracle have discontinued Oracle Multimedia as of Oracle 19c. This leaves existing customers with a dilemma, either keep their multimedia on 18c and put off the inevitable for as long as possible or find another solution for image processing.

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Lino Schildenfeld Lino Schildenfeld

With all enhancements that latest version of APEX brought we will demonstrate how to easily build responsive/modern apps suitable for all screen sizes without having to be CSS experts.

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Daniel Huha Daniel Huha
BiLog d.o.o.

Multilingual support in our APEX applications, depending on the nature of projects we are working on, can be planned from the start, or totally neglected if we develop a single language application.

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Richard Martens Richard Martens

The classic report is one of the APEX components that are a bit undervalued. It offers great potential when you must adjust the generated HTML after it has been sent to the browser. The session will introduce concepts for creating highly adjustable reports which allow lots of user interaction.

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Andrej Grlica Andrej Grlica
The Right Thing Solutions, d.o.o.

V sklopu predavanj bo prikazana uporaba zadnjih novitet orodja Oracle Application Express (APEX). Obiskovalcem bo bolj podrobno približana uporaba »Nastavitve ACL«, »Nastavitve aplikacije (Application Settings)« in »Predloge e-pošte (Email Template)«.

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Zoran Tica Zoran Tica

Na predstavitvi želim deliti izkušnje in zaključke, do katerih sem prišel v času moje prve "ekspedicije" v področje APEX plug-ina.

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Domen Ocepek Domen Ocepek
Kopa d.d.

Nadaljevanje uspešne zgodbe osebnega portala, nagrajenega s strani GZS za inovativnost. Z razvojem gremo v smeri dviga zavedanja o stanju kompetenc in povezav do videovsebin, ki posamezniku pomagajo, da prej doseže stopnjo samostojnosti.

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Menno Hoogendijk Menno Hoogendijk
Oracle Nederland BV

Join this session if you want to learn about all the upcoming features that will improve your APEX applications.

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