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Urh Srečnik

Oracle Grid Infrastructure: Concepts and Fancy Features

Urh Srečnik
Abakus Plus d.o.o.

I’ll start off by explaining the core concepts of Grid Infrastructure and its relation to Oracle RAC. Afterward, we’ll dive into a few specific features/characteristics, possibly accompanied by a quick live showcase. Hopefully, by the end of this presentation, you’ll agree that GI is not overly complicated and that it carries a lot of functionality that you can make use of - even if you use it to manage only Oracle Standard Edition databases.

We will define the “SmartDB” concept in a few simple lines, and we show a number of reasons, with examples of use-cases, when+why SmartDB is a good idea. On a critical note, we will recall at least 1 case where SmartDB was “mis-implemented”. But we still are thoroughly in favour of SmartDB.

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Urh Srečnik is a DBA at Abakus Plus, where he takes care of Oracle infrastructure and co-develops Abakus Plus’ solution for rapid provisioning of live production database clones: Deja Vu

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