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Jan Karremans

Cloud demystified, what remains after the fog has lifted.

Jan Karremans

So, you've been ordered to land the airplane in thick fog, zero visibility and you're praying the ILS has got it right. That's how most IT managers feel after their CIO/CEO told them to 'put everything in the cloud, it's cheaper’.

IaaS, DBaas, PaaS, SaaS, Literally everything as a service… But what is it, how does it compare to, say, Hosting, or to out-sourcing? Or does it actually compare at all, and is it really new? What are the things that do make a difference, what does it all look like after the fog has lifted. Of course, the focal point in the presentation will be the relational database as it is and will remain the beating heart of the IT landscape.

Join me in this investigation and see if we can actually land the plane and really get ahead using “The Cloud”.

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Jan started his IT career in a medical facility of the Royal Dutch Army in 1992 as an administrator on a Datapoint Mainframe. In 1994 the medical facility switched to using Oracle 7.1 on a Micro VAX 3100, which kicked off his career in Oracle. From 1998 Jan supported the development of a system for healthcare administration. Over the years Ecaris evolved to an APEX based solution. In recent years Jan came in contact with Dbvisit from New Zealand. In 2011 he started working as a Business Development Manager for Dbvisit. Most recently Jan joined the German based company of Portrix as Director Operations ai. responsible for reorganizing the operations department. In the latest venture, Jan joined EnterpriseDB and now heads up Sales Engineer in the EMEA-region. Jan also made his appearance as a regular speaker at Database User Groups around the world, with a debut at UKOUG_Tech13, including many editions of DOAG14, OOW14, and His work for the Oracle User Community was recognized with an Oracle ACE award.

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