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Lili Cosic

Monitoring Kubernetes with Prometheus

Lili Cosic
Red Hat

In this talk Lili will walk you through how to setup monitoring on Kubernetes clusters using Prometheus, by making use of the open source tools out there.

We will look at the different components of the Prometheus monitoring stack, from Alertmanager to Grafana dashboards. We will also explore some best practices around monitoring.

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O Avtorju

Lili Cosic is a Software Engineer at Red Hat, working on all things monitoring. Before that she worked on operator SDK enabling the community to make any application Kubernetes native. Previously she worked at Weaveworks on the Weave cloud integration with Kubernetes and before that, she found her passion for Kubernetes at Kinvolk helping develop the Habitat Operator. In her free time, Lili enjoys experimenting with Kubernetes and distributed systems.

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