Hey DBMS_COMPARISON! - Are my Tables in sync? Featured

Četrtek, 2. junij 14:35 - 15:20
Težavnost: Basic
Dvorana: A
Področje: Database

Nowadays, companies have a lot of databases to store their data. Besides the application-specific data, master data is required (e.g. customer or employee information) to run the application. If the data is replicated between many databases, it is essential that the data and its tables are fully synchronized - especially when a non-Oracle replication technique is used (e.g. a third-party application).

If you want to check if the data is in sync, you can use the PL/SQL package DBMS_COMPARISON. With the capabilities of this package, you can compare two tables or materialized views between different schemas or different databases using a database link connection.

The presentation will explain the features of DBMS_COMPARISON in detail. After an introduction to the package, a closer look at the internals will be executed. Some of the features are part of a live demo.

At the end of the presentation alternatives to this package will be introduced.

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