Fundamental Oracle Security – What Many Of You Are Not Doing [REMOTE]

Petek, 3. junij 10:45 - 11:30
Težavnost: Basic
Dvorana: A
Področje: Database

I tend to work in a few companies each year. Something I have been getting asked more and more, other than “make it faster”, it how to secure the Oracle database – frequently because of a failed audit. In companies and governments, I see; poor auditing, no security consideration, no lockdown of accounts, inadequate processes, and lots of risk.

There are some easy and straightforward changes which you can make to your Oracle database which will make it more secure, harder to exploit and, in the unfortunate even of a data breach, give you a chance of noticing what happened! I will talk through the changes you can make and explain why they should be made, and the effort involved.

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