Build your own social media analytics with Apache Kafka Featured

Četrtek, 2. junij 13:40 - 14:25
Težavnost: Basic
Dvorana: C
Področje: Java

Apache Kafka is more than just a messaging broker. It has a rich ecosystem of different components. There are connectors for importing and exporting data, different stream processing libraries, schema registries and a lot more.

The first part of this talk will explain the Apache Kafka ecosystem and how the different components can be used to load data from social networks and use stream processing and machine learning to analyze them. The second part will show a demo running on Kubernetes which will use Kafka Connect to load data from Twitter and analyze them using the Kafka Streams API. After this talk, the attendees should be able to better understand the full advantages of the Apache Kafka ecosystem especially with focus on Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams API. And they should be also able to use these components on top of Kubernetes.

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Jakub Scholz
Red Hat