Connecting Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with a Site to Site VPN [obvezna prijava]

Četrtek, 2. junij 16:35 - 18:00
Težavnost: Intermediate
Dvorana: B
Področje: Cloud

Hands-on delavnica poteka v živo. Obvezna je dodatna prijava (označite v prijavnici za konferenco). Zaradi lažjega dela je število omejeno na 15 udeležencev. 

Much like the heterogeneous technologies in the data center, customers are increasingly choosing multiple clouds as they recognize that different vendors have different areas of strength. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can be the foundational piece to a successful multicloud environment. Our hands-on lab session will help you to learn the effective way of connecting Microsoft Azure and OCI private networks with S2S VPN connections.

The prerequisite of the participation is a laptop with PuTTY terminal and key generation software.

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