Java & DevOps

Igor Buzatović

Developing scalable, cluster ready applications is easier with Apache Kafka

Igor Buzatović
Inovativni trendovi d.o.o.

For many server side applications built today, scalability and high availability is "must have" requirement. Achieving horizontal scalability is not a trivial task.

We are entering "distributed computing " zone, where we have to orchestrate multiple instances of application or it's modules to work as one system. Apache Kafka can help a lot, handling big part of that orchestration, allowing us to write less (and cleaner) application code. In this talk, we will examine some use cases which demonstrate that.

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Software architect/developer at Inovativni trendovi d.o.o. Java veteran. Kotlin and Apache Kafka fan. Most of his professional career, Igor worked on server side applications in telecommunications industry (sounds boring, right?). Developing mobile games for fun (not trying to get rich or something)