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Matija Dujmovič

Spring HATEOAS hypermedia-driven web services, and clients that understand them

Matija Dujmovič

HATEOAS is without a doubt, the least understood pillar of REST. It seems difficult to implement and shows no immediate reward for it, so many developers don't even bother.

The truth is, it just has some bad PR and a horrible acronym that sounds like a breakfast cereal. Join me to take a look at the theory and practice behind using hypermedia by examining both web services and web clients. Along the way we will look at some exciting upcoming Spring HATEOAS features, like the Affordances API, and talk about what the future holds for hypermedia in your web services.

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Matija graduated from the Polytechnic of Zagreb with a master’s degree in Information Technologies. He is currently an enterprise application developer at King ICT and a teaching assistant at the Polytechnic of Zagreb. Interested in technical know-how and delivering functional code. He is a selfproclaimed certification junkie as evidenced by his many Java certificates. He loves learning, teaching and growing together with the developer community.