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Marko Lukša

Kubernetes - the (not so?) hospitable place for stateful apps

Marko Lukša
Red Hat

By now you’ve certainly heard of Kubernetes. You’ll hear things like: “it makes deploying and managing large-scale apps very easy.”.

But there’s a caveat you may not hear about very often - while Kubernetes is an excellent choice for stateless apps, things start to get complicated when you want to deploy stateful apps. In this talk, you’ll learn about the problems you’ll face when running stateful apps in Kubernetes. You’ll learn how StatefulSets give you a solid base to build on, but they don’t provide everything a stateful app needs. Luckily, you can extend StatefulSets with your own controller that adds the missing parts.

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Marko Lukša is an engineer at Red Hat working on Kubernetes and OpenShift.