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Bojan Dolinar

How we ditched Hibernate and loved it!

Bojan Dolinar
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Certain tools, as powerful and useful as they might be, can stealthily lock you into a dangerous mindset that is hard to lose.

JPA implementations do seem to simplify CRUD and other operations on relational database but can also lull you into a false sense of security when it comes to the intricacies of data model. They can fool you into thinking that having all the business logic in java code is a no-brainer and that the option of quickly changing RDBMS vendor is always the highest aspiration possible, the latter in addition being encouraged by the Sales Department.

In some of our previous projects this led us to neglect sound relational concepts and powerful functionalities that databases provide. In our new project we strived to minimize the usage of JPA and the significance of aforementioned mindset became very clear. With a few simple approaches the design was simpler, software faster and morale boosted. I will describe the path we took, how and why this benefited the project, elucidate problematic aspects of JPA and when best to avoid them and mention other alternatives (e.g. MyBatis).

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Bojan Dolinar is a software engineer since 2002, working mostly with C++ and Java on software for e-banking and energy efficiency and monitoring, but is happy to experiment with other languages, e.g. groovy and clojure. He’s mostly interested in elegant designs and expressive power of languages. Outside of IT he’s an active member of Skeptic community and likes to debunk nonsense from antivaxxers, global warming deniers and other crackpots.