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Vedran Pavić

Spring Security 5: The New OAuth 2.0 Stuff

Vedran Pavić
Infinum d.o.o.

Spring Security 5.0 introduced the next generation OAuth 2.0 support with new Client support, in shape of the OAuth 2.0 Login feature which implements the Authorization Code Grant flow.

This provides the capability for authenticating the end-user against an OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server (e.g. “Login with Facebook”) or an OpenID Connect 1.0 Provider (e.g. “Login with Google”).

This talk will get you familiar with the new OAuth 2.0 stuff in Spring Security 5 through a hands-on experience with a couple of demos of new features. We will also take an overview of the current state of OAuth 2.0 support in Spring, as well as take a look at the plans for the new features in the upcoming releases.

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