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Aljaž Mali

APEX Internal Workspace

Aljaž Mali
Abakus Plus d.o.o.

After installation of APEX we can login only to one workspace - internal. In this workspace we can create “real” workspaces. Most likely this step is known to many APEX developers.

But there is a lot more to do in internal workspace then just creating new workspaces and this tasks are (per documentation) done by instance administrator, but at the same time it’s good that also developers know and understand what is going on in internal workspace. In this presentation I will highlight some of the features that are sometimes overlooked and I will also talked about features that developers should at least know that they exist.

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Aljaž Mali is an Oracle ACE Associate ( from December 2017 ) and an employee of Abakus Plus, d.o.o, where he works as IT solution architect. He has been working with Oracle Application Express since its very beginning (HtmlDB 1.5). His main focuses are application development as well as consulting and education about Oracle Application Express. In year 2015 he became a member of Slovenian Oracle User Group (SIOUG) executive committee. In year 2016 he was selected as a member of the month (March) at portal and in January 2017 he was elected as a SIOUG Vice president. He is also co-organizer of APEX Alpe Adria conference and frequent speaker at Oracle conferences.