Branimir Rakić

Implementing trusted data sharing for transparent supply chains with OriginTrail protocol

Branimir Rakić
OriginTrail d.o.o.

With live use cases and pilot projects using the blockchain for supply chain integrity, supply chain management, and compliance, OriginTrail is a pioneer in efficient and scalable blockchain implementations, using GS1 standards.

Existing applications include supply chain visibility for GMO-free dairy products, premium poultry and fresh vegetables, preventing counterfeiting in wine, as well as ensuring data integrity in online retail, for logistics center, and for laboratory information management systems. OriginTrail also established the Trace Alliance - a collaborative hub for solving supply chain challenges, using blockchain technology. It is an association of corporations, services providers, and developers that closely collaborate on the implementations of the protocol.

OriginTrail is a member of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition by ConsenSys. An OriginTrail blockchain project with Chinese online food marketplace Yimishiji received the Innovation Spark 2017 Award by the Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center in Beijing and was admitted to its Innovation Pipeline. The company also received Food+City award in Austin, Texas in 2017.

The lecture will focus on

  • the protocol stack and integration specifics, with focus on blockchain implementation
  • the implementation of GS1 & WoT standards and underlying data structure
  • the consensus check features, including zero-knowledge privacy functionalities for supply chain data validation
  • presenting a live use case

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O Avtorju

Branimir Rakić is the co-founder and CTO of OriginTrail, a purpose-built decentralized protocol for trusted supply chain data sharing. An MSc in Information Technologies & Electrical Engineering, Branimir has been working on the problems of interoperability of IT systems, telecommunication networks and database management systems. He has pursued blockchain technologies from early on, and has led the development of OriginTrail’s pilot projects that already connect global supply chains with the blockchain.