How it was in 2024?

MakeIT 2024 and JCON OpenBlend Slovenia 2024 are known for their high-quality workshops and sessions, presented by experts from around the world. In 2024, we hosted over 70 sessions and 8 workshops.

JCON OpenBlend Slovenia 2024 hosted over 20 engineers from the core Quarkus development team. During the conference, podcast Ogrodje shot 4 episodes, and attendees enjoyed an amazing party.

In the sessions menu a "Download presenation" option is displayed next to each lecture for which the speaker has provided a presentation.

MakeIT 2024 and JCON OpenBlend Slovenia 2024 had over 350 participants.

Here are some results from the survey:

Lectures with most votes:

Rank Nr. of votes Title
1 26 Gunnar Morling: 1BRC – Nerd Sniping the Java Community
2 25 Danica Porobic Enabling Generative-AI with Oracle AI Vector Search
3 19 Marko Bajec Panel: Slovenščina 3.0
4 17 Aljaz Blazej Healthy On-call: How To Get Your Beauty Sleep
5 16 Georgios Andrianakis Welcome to Quarkus Tutorial
6 16 Luigi Fugaro JDBC Performance Fest: Elevating Java Through High-Speed Data Dynamics
7 16 Danica Porobic Oracle Database – New Performance Features in 23c
8 16 Bruno Baptista Quarkus Observability
9 16 Tomaž Cerar What's new in Java 22
10 16 Jim Czuprynski Schröedinger’s Document: JSON Relational Duality in Oracle 23c

Best rated sessions overall:

Rank Rating Title
1 5.00 Mario Fusco Taming performance issues into the wild
2 5.00 Žiga Vaupot Oracle Analytics Bootcamp - MakeIT 2024 edition
3 5.00 Dimitris Andreadis Quarkus Community BOF
4 5.00 Federico Venturin Storytelling like a Star Chef
5 5.00 Vili Tajnić High Availability, Scalability, and Disaster Recovery with Oracle Database 23cl
6 5.00 Christian Gohmann MythBusters Globalization Support - Avoid Data Corruption
7 5.00 Jasmin Fluri Myth-Busting : NoSQL vs SQL data stores
8 5.00 Giliam Breems APEX: Debug Like a Pro - APEX Debug Edition
9 5.00 Gunnar Morling Syncing your Database To OpenSearch In Real-Time
10 4.96 Boris Oblak Zakaj ne bi uporabljali Oracle SE2?

Take a glimpse of the happening in the gallery below:


The MakeIT 2024 & JCON Slovenia 2024 is organized by the SIOUG, Tržaška cesta 134 1000 Ljubljana and OpenBlend. Contact us to get more information on sponsorship and speaking opportunities.

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